Monday 26 February 2024

Smile design

The most important part of teeth restoration is the smile design.

Every smile design is personalised, taking into account the overall picture of the face, the lips, and the gums, which frame the teeth like a frame of a painting. We all know that there are no identical teeth and that not all teeth match all mouths.

Teeth vary just like all other human body parts and face features.

For this reason, in our clinic we dedicate plenty of time to listen to what you like or wish, or what yoy would like to change on your smile. We choose together the smile that suits you, with the help of pictures or completed clinical works.

All information collected is valuable to us, so that we can guide the dental technician to create the smile that will satisfy your expectations – or even go beyond them.

The technician receives the original oral image, from the first patterns to digital pictures, and uses wax-ups to reach the final result, taking into account the corrections we ask. A temporary restoration is fitted to visualise the aesthetic and functional result of the new smile. This way, the success of the final result is guaranteed.

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